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Mouse left to turn, mouse right to fire. By clicking left in any part of the screen, you set both the side to rotate to and the radius of the rotation.


There are 2 teams of 5 players, the green team in the left side of the map, and the red team in the right. Each team has a dotted line in their respective edges of the map.

Some NPC planes belonging to each of the teams, emerging from the respective edge of the map, will attempt cross the map and reach the other side. These planes are the troop transports and scouts.

Troop transports are big planes with plenty of hitpoints and huge firepower, yet very slow in movement and in turn. Scouts are squadrons of little planes, they are slightly faster and much more maneuverable.

Your mission

The game revolves around these NPC planes. Your mission is to help your troop transports and scouts to get past the enemy line, by protecting them from the other team, and prevent enemy transports/scouts from reaching your line, by taking them down before they do. Once they trespass the enemy line, transports and scouts are saved and cannot be taken down.

NPC behaviour

While trying to reach the other side of the map, both transports and scouts will frequently deviate from their paths to target enemy players in an attempt to protect themselves, but not to the point of turning the other way around.

Team scoring

Each team has an score. After trespassing the enemy line a transport will deliver 20 points to the team it belongs to, scouts will give 5 points each.

Victory condition

The match ends after 20 minutes or when one of the teams reaches 100 points. The result of a match can be the victory of one of the teams or a draw.

Player scoring

Players will score for each hit they place to an enemy plane. The score depends on the damage dealt. It will also increase as the enemy loses health, the closer to killing an enemy the more you score.

Tips and tricks

  • To score the most, try to concentrate in your mission and work as a team player rather than losing your time dogfighting randomly.

  • There is a kind of hud with 2 circles around your plane, the inner one depicts the shortest possible rotation radius of your plane while the outer one is the reach of your main weapon.

  • There are some devices called accelerators in the inner areas of the dotted lines of each team. They appear as areas delimited by a visual effect of moving arrows that traverse the map vertiacally in a cyclical way. They will boost your speed upon moving towards them. Use them to quickly reach to any part of the map. Take accelerators in the correct angle to reach the desired spot. If you try to maneuver while accelerated, you will lose your speed boost.

  • There are some 3 repair powerups scattered around the map, they will restore all the hitpoints of the player that gathers them. When consumed, the powerup will respawn in another location.

  • Use the map in the bottom-right corner of the screen to your advantage, it reveals the position of players, transports and scouts of each of the teams.

  • Remember that the map scrolls cyclically in the vertical axis, things that reach the upper limit appear by the other side and the other way around.

  • If your plane happens to leave the map by one of the horizontal edges, it will come back immediately, emerging from it in a straight line. Sometimes you may use this feature to your advantage.

Bonus points

A player can get additional points by accomplishing the following goals

  • 10.000 points for escorting a troop transport beyond the enemy line
  • 5.000 points for downing an enemy transport
  • 5.000 points for killing an entire squad of enemy scouts
  • 2.000 points for escorting an scout beyond the enemy line

Remarks on how to earn bonuses

First and foremost, escorting means not only protecting the transport or scout until it reaches the enemy line but crossing the enemy line with it. If the player does not do so, it means that the player was not actively protecting the transport or scout and does not deserve the bonus. Only those players that actually escort the transports or scouts will be rewarded.

Downing an enemy transport means firing the last shot (that actually killed the transport). If a player drains most of the hitpoints but a team mate places the final strike, the bonus goes to the team mate.

Killing an entire squad of enemy transports means killing it by one player alone. If only one of the scouts is taken out by a team mate, the bonus cannot be earned.

Overall Bonus

If the game ends before the 20 minute countdown is exhausted, the player will earn a supplemental bonus that will be calculated by multiplying the amount of time saved in seconds, by the sum of the difference in points between the winner and loser teams, plus the difference between the kills versus deaths of the player. The bonus will only apply if there is time left and the sum of both these magnitudes is positive.

Plane types

There are three tiers of planes to select from and a total of 7 plane types. Tier 1 planes are available at the beginning of the game. Tier 2 planes will become available as soon as the player hits the 30.000 points mark, and Tier 3 planes at 80.000 points.

Tier 1 planes
Cantilever Biplane
Hitpoints70 Hitpoints90
Speed135 Speed115
Damage45 Damage53
Turn rate22 Turn rate25

Tier 2 planes
Mustard Mikoy
Hitpoints90 Hitpoints100
Speed170 Speed150
Damage55 Damage77
Turn rate22 Turn rate25

Tier 3 planes
Thunderbolt Moskyto
Hitpoints120 Hitpoints120
Speed220 Speed150
Damage150 Damage100
Turn rate15 Turn rate25
Damage100 fwd, 77 aft
Turn rate18

Selecting your plane

At the start of the game, a selector will appear for the player to choose his first aircraft. From then on, whenever new planes are available, a blinking button with a plane emoji will become available, the player can click it to open the selector. If the player is shot down while new planes are available, the selector will emerge to let the player choose a new plane before he is respawned.

The plane selector

The selector displays the name of the planes, its shape and stats. The player can select their desired plane by clicking on it. The player can also give up choosing a higher tier plane if they are comfortable with their current aircraft by clicking outside of the selector. Once the player has selected the new plane, it cannot be changed until a higher level is reached.


There are 3 types of highscores, weekly, monthly and all time. The player will be recorded with the name provided in the text box near to the play now button, and is Guest by default.

This game does not have accounts or the feature of reserving player names. Even 2 players could play in the same game using the same name.

Remember that the Guest name is not elegible for an all time highscore, you need to use a genuine name for that.

Stats panel

There is an stats section where the player can ascertain how good his performance was both in the last game and as an average. It is stored in the browser so you may not be able to see it if you play from a different computer or even a different browser in the same computer. There is a button to reset it.

Last 7 days

# Name PKs Score Played Date

Last 30 days

# Name PKs Score Played Date

All time unique highest record by player name, "Guest" name excluded please use a genuine name to hit this table

# Name PKs Score Played Date
Games played:
Total score earned Total bonus earned
Points by your team Points by opponent
Total time played Time saved / remaining
Shots fired Hits
Damage dealt
Player Kills Your Deaths
Transports downed Scouts downed
Weekly highscore Monthly highscore
All time highscore
Games played
Total score earned Total bonus earned
Points by your team Points by opponent
Total time played Time saved / remaining
Shots fired Hits
Damage dealt
Player Kills Your Deaths
Transports downed Scouts downed
Best weekly highscore Best monthly highscore
Best alltime highscore

Create Squadron

Insert your name and click on the create squadron button. You will be given a link that you will need to distribute to the other players. An squadron can have up to five players.



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